Installing Ollama Open WebUI with Cloud Seeder, IPv6rs’ New Install Wizard

This is how server installs are supposed to be.

IPv6rs released Cloud Seeder, their new server install wizard. They call their servers “appliances” which seems appropriate.

I usually like to setup my own servers, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to perform constant maintenance. So I decided to give it a spin.

At the risk of sounding like a shill, this is how running a self-hosted server was meant to be.

The application starts with a splash screen. I also noticed the nice system tray icon in the corner.

There were a few basic inputs. I also had to generate my IP on IPv6rs and set the DNS prior. This took about 1 minute.

At the end of setup, there are a few things that had to be completed to get Ollama ready.

That is easy – launchctl setenv OLLAMA_HOST "" on a Mac.

I also had to lookup my local IP, by typing ifconfig |grep 192.168.

After creating an account, I just had to set the local IP.

And like that, I had a confidential and, more importantly, maintained Ollama and Open WebUI setup at home!

I also replaced my personal Mastodon with the Cloud Seeder Mastodon appliance. This really seems like the easier way to do things.



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  1. Greg Avatar

    That looks easy AF

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